Treating our toilet well

Many of us are either working or currently staying in our own home. This would mean things we take for granted are being used and maybe abused more than normal. Our toilet for instance is usually shut away in a room and isn’t given the status it deserves, afterall the average person will visit the toilet between 6-7 times a day (depending on how much fluid you drink). And as per a study, the more features your smart phone has, the longer you sit in the toilet! There are many products that claim to be flush-able but the advice given by water companies is that sewers are only designed to take the water from your toilets, sinks, baths and showers along with human waste and toilet tissue. Everything else should be put in the bin. Wipes – even ones that say ‘flush-able’ don’t break down the way toilet tissue breaks down and cause blocked pipes. Fun historical fact: Prior to the invention of toilet paper different things were used depending on your social status and location. If you were wealthy you might use wool, or soft washable rag. If you were not so well off you would simply grab a fistful of grass, leaves or straw. A big shout out to toilet paper!! If you are unfortunate enough to have a blocked toilet here are a few tips: 5 Best Ways to Unblock a Toilet Quickly: Fill A Bucket of Water And Drop In All In One Go:
1. Take A Half Cut Bamboo And Use It To Unblock The Toilet:
2. Take the Mop, Cover The Mop With Polythene And Then Plunge It: 3. Mix Caustic Soda In Water And Flush out the Toilet with it: 4. If all else fails, contact Williams Plumbing & Heating
Finally, another fun fact: King George II died falling off a toilet in 1760. And nearly 40,000 Americans are injured in toilets every year. Stay safe! Williams Plumbing & Heating Ltd

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